Celebrating Our Queen

With the Platinum Jubilee approaching at the end of this week we take a look at the UK’s longest serving employee: Queen Elizabeth 2nd.


Queen Elizabeth 2nd is the first UK monarch to reach 70 years’ service, dedicating the majority of her life to serving the UK and Common Wealth Nations, 70 years is a long time to remain in a role and definitely should be commended; in comparison the average length of time for a UK employer to remain in a position is 5 years.


During this time she has worked with 14 Prime Ministers through 18 elections, remaining unbiased and composed – she must have the patience of a saint!


The Queen is the most well-travelled monarch in history having visited over 100 countries, including over 150 visits to various countries in the Common Wealth alone.


Throughout her reign she has carried out more than 21,000 engagements and hosted over 100 state visits from Emperors, Presidents and Royal Families around the world.


The Queen is patron or president of over 600 British charities and in her reign has raised around £2billion in total.


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Have a wonderful long, bank holiday weekend everyone!