Candidates - We Want You!

Whether you’re a candidate who is looking for a new role or a client looking to fill a vacancy let us help you keep up to date with what’s going on in the recruitment industry.


It’s crazy, unprecedented times to be working in the recruitment industry at the moment; all across the country recruiters are united in having a record number of vacancies to fill and not enough candidates to fill them.

The governing body for Recruiters across the UK, the REC, confirmed that 88% of recruiters are most concerned about the lack of candidates for the rest of 2021 and over 50% of recruiters have 30% more vacancies than before the pandemic to fill, more shockingly is that 97% of recruiters surveyed said it was taking significantly longer to fill these vacancies, with each vacancy generally taking over a month to fill.


So What Can Be Done If You’re A Client?

Making your role stand out from the rest is key in the current climate; offering perks, where possible, such as a higher starting salary, the opportunity for flexible working and simplifying the recruitment process down to video/single interviews will all help to attract suitable candidates.

As an agency we have streamlined our registration process in various ways throughout the Covid19 pandemic to ensure we are drawing in candidates whilst maintaining our high standards of getting to know each candidate individually. This means when you recruit through us, you know we are only sending candidates we truly believe would be a good match for your vacancy and company.

So What Can Be Done If You’re A Candidate? 

Now is the time to be searching for your dream role as there are so many opportunities out there at the moment, send your CV in to us and get the ball rolling, we want to hear from you!