Never considered temporary work? Here are some reasons why you should!

So often we register candidates who are hesitant to consider temporary work.

"There's no stability with temporary positions"

"I only want to focus on permanent roles"

"I won't get the proper training!"

These are just some of the phrases we hear on a regular basis here at JR Personnel when in fact temping can be an excellent way to "try before you buy" or to get a foot in the door of a reputable company.

So far in September we have had an amazing EIGHT temporary to permanent success stories! Eight candidates who took the opportunity to try temping now have secured a permanent role within a company they love and enjoy working within. Here's what some of them had to say about their experience temping with us:

 - "Whenever I find myself between jobs I have turned to JR to help me find temporary work, and they have never disappointed – I was usually working within days of contacting them."

 - "I was offered a temp role with a local company via JR. After a period of time I was made a permanent member of staff and although I felt sad to be leaving JR, who had always supported me and given me good advice, it was wonderful that the company saw the potential in me to make me permanent."

 - "Temping is a good way to learn new roles, gain experience and learn different software packages, I would recommend it to anyone. You accrue holiday pay so you don't have to worry about losing money if you wish to take a break. JR Personnel have the friendliest staff you could wish for."

 - "After a month out of work, JR called to say there was a role they thought I'd be interested in, initially for one month temping – I said yes and started the next day. Six months later, I'm still here and was taken on permanently 3 months after starting. I was so pleased about being made permanent as I'd settled down happily in the job and didn't want to leave."

 - "I started temping with JR following redundancy, I was nervous at first as I'd never temped before but everyone at JR soon put me at ease with everything. I secured a temp role in Leicester and loved the role. They made me feel like a permanent member of staff straight away."

Why not consider temping today, who knows the opportunities it may bring!